Random thoughts jotted down…

When I was a little girl, I had to ride my bike to and from school everyday.  This went on from 1st grade all the way to 6th grade.  In addition to that, I spent countless hours outdoors participating in normal kid activities such as swimming, running, playing games, etc.  My parents were strict about this because they felt that time spent inside watching T.V., was time wasted.  They allowed my sister and I about one hour of T.V. every night.  They also formulated a variable diet that cut out most un-healthy food.  Our home supply of candy was quite scarce, to say the least. At the time, I resented them to the fullest.  I thought it was some malicious plan of theirs to deprive me of privileges my friends seemed to be able to take full advantage of at their homes.  However, my sister and I were very happy and healthy kids and it showed.

During my teenage years, when most kids were out rebelling against authority in various detrimental ways, I unconsciously decided to make up for all the years lost to healthy eating habits.  I began buying my own supply of candy, chips, fast food, etc.  I was never over-weight but my new lifestyle reflected itself nonetheless.  I had pimples, bad skin and a scrawny figure.  The natural energy I had as a kid dwindled considerably and I found myself glued to a chair, watching re-runs of Friends instead of going outside.  I also started to have less energy for school, I couldn’t pay attention and my memory wasn’t what it used to be.  Part of this may have had something to do with hormone-changes that all teenagers go through, but I know things would have been different if I would have stuck to my principles.

Within the last year, I have decided to get back on the treadmill and start eating right again.  It was hard to quit all of my bad eating habits at first because I would constantly crave a Whopper Jr. or some french fries.  These had become a big part of my lifestyle, not only because of the taste, but because they are so convenient to the consumer.  I mean lets face it, it’s ten times easier to stop by a McDonald’s drive-thru than to go home and prepare a meal.  After a while though, your body gets used to the changes and it starts telling you what it really needs to stay healthy.  Healthy food tastes good again!  It also becomes less of a chore to cook up a good meal.  It still takes just as much work but it feels rewarding.  When I eat fast food now, I am amazed at how heavy it makes me feel.  I didn’t even realize how much bad carbs and fat I was putting into my body!

With the exercises I am doing now, I am starting to fill out with muscle instead of fat and my figure is looking a lot better.  I have a lot of natural energy that I find comes very handy when I have lots of things to do.


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